During our trip in Kyoto, we met creators working at 20 square meter ateliers hidden in tiny streets - curving out the smallest yet the most philosophically rich crafts at their isolated beautiful bubbles. A community of same-minded creators, from a stubborn philosopher-like artisan to a determined artist cherishing tiny details of beauty in life. Whatever the form is, they are cultivating their own humble yet perfect universe to craft the form they truly believe in and make their heart beat. This little collection is our invitation to their small yet beautiful universe - a collection filled with numbers of tiny poetic life stories to enhance daily happiness.

  • 小川文子

    Ayako Ogawa

  • 大野 好之

    Yoshiyuki Ohno

  • 村松佳奈

    Kana Muramatsu

  • 石川大輔

    Daisuke Ishikawa


Everyday meal time is a humble yet the most impactful gateway to enhance daily happiness.


Daisuke Kiyomizu, an ex-architect student now a talented ceramic artist in Kyoto, had founded his ceramic studio “Tokinoha” together with his wife back in 2011. On a sunny beginning day of spring in 2019, Daisuke, together with his family-like artisans, welcomed us so warmly in their cozy ateliers filled with playful clay colors happily breathing in their lively yet minimalistic studio.

“feeling delicious” can create such a big part of people’s happiness.

Of course, you can eat out and have delicious meal. But for me, the base really is how much you can eat well and be happy at home.

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enhancing the taste of a humble meal is the little something I’m hoping to bring to people through my crafts.


I never aim my work to be 100% perfect as a look", Daisuke says. "It's intentional. If it looks perfectly beautiful without food, it's an artwork, not a plate." And he continues, "I feel more than grateful if my plates can serve as a small happiness booster to enhance people's ordinary moments in life… at least this is what I hope, and I'm crafting every day with this faith." Daisuke's work, shaped imperfectly and designed minimalistic ally with intention, kindly receive any modest foods and turn up mealtime into a little more intimate and thoughtful.



Ayako Ogawa, a Kyoto based ex-ceramic artist, encapsulates a dynamic mix of sensations in her tiny pieces of jewelry. From rough to sleek, from rainy to sunny, from bubbly to melancholic. Just like us changing our mood every second, her design ties up diverse emotions into one refined piece, making us feel appreciate the beauty of inconsistency.

I was so fascinated by the textures of ceramics. You know it could be sleek, shiny, rough, and lumpy... I started to make jewelry because I wanted people to enjoy these textures, not just how it looks.



When you write in her notebook, your fragmented thoughts become beautiful poetry of life. That's the magic of Kana Muramatsu's hand-crafted journals. Intuitively painted, freely cut in a rhythm and sewed carefully with her small hands, her pieces warmly invite you to reconcile your past with a unified story of the present.

I want my notebooks to trigger people's reflective time—the time to pose and acknowledge small thoughts and feelings.

大野 好之

大野 好之

Yoshiyuki Ohno, a graphic designer and founder of Uragu, has a true passion for Japanese traditional metaphorical symbols and hides small yet playful meanings behind every object he designs. Every product, rooted in Yoshiyuki’s charming yet intentional philosophy, implicitly tells beautiful stories to bring people closer together.

I love thinking, but also love going with the flow and expressing myself freely in the moment of here and now.



Daisuke Ishikawa probably was the shyest and humblest artisan we’ve met during our trip. In his secretive atelier hide out from the touristic noise of Kyoto, he gives each piece a unique distorted shape. With the nuanced blue topped with grey shades, his works always carry the personality of your beloved introverted friend, making you feel “just right” and emotionally and physically holds you every day and ever.

"In the society where we see less and less handmade products, I'm trying to create something that speaks to people's intuition."